UNB (Union of the Deaf Brno)

The purpose of the Association of the Deaf Brno, z.s. (UNB) is to promote and defend the rights, interests and needs of persons with hearing disabilities so as to ensure their dignified and full life with a distinctive culture, regardless of their age, gender and degree of hearing impairment.

Logo equalizent


Equalizent is a company with many years of expertise in the fields of Deafness, Sign Language and Diversity Management, offering courses and counselling in written German and Austrian sign language for people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing.
equalizent is a place of learning, of lived bilingualism, diversity, and freedom from barriers. Austrian Sign Language and spoken German are our company languages. We stand for the inclusion of people, regardless of their origins or background, age, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. We work to bring about freedom from barriers.
Our work empowers people so that they can contribute to society actively and on their own terms. In addition, we aim to shape public opinion in society and politics and contribute to the acceptance of real diversity.
Our target groups:
• People who are Deaf or hard of hearing.
• People with disabilities.
• Companies and individuals interested in Sign Language and Diversity Management.
We provide vocational training and training courses, which support the inclusion of people who are Deaf and hard of hearing, as well as people with other disabilities, into the labour market. We provide Sign Language courses to all levels of proficiency from A1 to C2.
equalizent was founded in 2004 and currently employs approximately 60 people, a third of which are Deaf. 
External communications and networking:
equalizent cooperates with the main stakeholders in the fields of Inclusive Education and Disability as well as legal representatives in the field of Employment Services for person with disabilities (e.g. Sozialministeriumsservice - Bundesamt for Soziales und Behindertenwesen / Federal Social Welfare Office, Public Employment Service Austria – AMS).
Beside direct bilateral communication, equalizent has established an advisory board, which is made up of decision makers, stakeholders and organisations working with and for the Deaf community. The advisory board establishes a frame in which common goals can be identified and realised.

RACIO, Human Capital Development Company, Ltd.

RACIO, Human Capital Development Company, Ltd. has been present on the Slovenien market since 1990 with a wide range of research, counselling and educational services, intended to raise competitive advantage of individuals as well as of organizations and regions.
Overview of our activities:

  • Regulating workforce market.
  • Development of programmes of active labour policy and social security programmes.
  • Programmes for encouraging local employment initiatives and programmes for creation of new jobs.
  • Employment and social integration of the disabled and of other marginal groups.
  • Human capital Development.
  • Active employment policy programmes for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Centrum vizualizace a interaktivity vzdělávání, s.r.o., Ostrava (CVIV)

Centrum vizualizace a interaktivity vzdělávání, s.r.o., Ostrava (CVIV)
Center of Visualization and Interactivity of Education, Ltd., Ostrava (CVIV), Czech Republic, www.free-art.cz, www.cviv.cz is an educational and consulting institution that focuses on the development of training and education software for creating interactive multimedia products, educational video programs, and multimedia training programs. It cooperates with universities, educational organizations and organizations helping to educate disabled people and seniors in a number of European countries. In the area of ​​creating AV products for people with disabilities and seniors, it closely cooperates with the University of Ostrava. CVIV actively participates in projects of educational programs for the disabled and the elderly, especially in the area of ​​inclusive education. CVIV has experience in participating in various EU programs (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates - Grundtvig 2, 3 and 4, Media Training, IVF, EQUAL, International Projects) as both beneficiary and partner.
For more than 15 years CVIV staff have been dealing with projects focused on inclusive education and inclusive employment, incl. target groups of people with disabilities. The results of CVIV projects are focused on sharing examples of good practice with education and employment of people with disabilities. For more information visit: