LISA baby transmitter

Catalogue code: 2.09
RF baby transmitter
Im Wörth 25
D-79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany
Brief description
Transmitter with integrated microphone picks up the babys crying and transmits a radio signal to the receivers. Led indicates an active transmited signal and battery warning light.
Operating system
Radio frequent transmittion 868,35Mhz
External wired microphone
More informations
Transmitter has additional on/ off switch which save electricity
Supplier for the Czech Republic
Widex Line spol. s r.o.
Bohušovická 230/12, 190 00 Praha 9
tel: 283 882 217, email: info@widex.cz.
Supplier for Austria
Supplier for Slovenia
Common price CZ (Kč): 3 500,-Kč
Common price AUT (EUR): 134,- EUR
Common price SL (EUR): not available

Colour: Metalic silver,
Dimension: 145x50x40mm,
power supply 9V battery or adaptor 9V/1A