AVISO BEE Signaling system transmitter

Catalogue code: 2.05
AVISO BEE BABY transmitter
ghe-ces electronic ag, Hömelstrasse 17
CH - 8636 Wald ZH - Switzerland
Brief description
Sensitive AVISO BEE BABY pick baby voice and transmitt signal to receivers (AVISO BEE FLASH, AVISO BEE FLASH – K, AVISO BEE VIB e.t.c.)
Operating system
Hardware H2 / Software revision V3.xx
Frequency range 80 MHz – 1 GHz
Adaptor 9V/360mA
More informations
When it is used with AVISO BEE VIB, it must be used also AVISO BEE FLASH
Supplier for the Czech Republic
Unie neslyšících Brno, sociální podnik, s.r.o.
Palackého třída 114, tel:54124321, mob:725605216, email:polacek@pomuckyproneslysici.cz
Supplier for Austria
Supplier for Slovenia
Common price CZ (Kč): 2 990,- Kč
Common price AUT (EUR): 115,- EUR
Common price SL (EUR): not available

LiPo batery 3,7V,
Frequency range 80 MHz – 1 GHz