Catalogue code: 2.48
Amplified phone
Phonic Ear A/S
Kongebakken 9
DK-2765 Smørum, Denmark
Brief description
Xen has been specifically designed to deliver maximum performance for both non hearing
impaired and hearing impaired users. The phone is based on DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless
Telecommunication) to provide digital sound quality, user friendly controls and increased
functionality. The phone offers superior performance, increased and controllable speaker
volume and call notification via increased volume, flash and vibration. For complete hearing aid
compatibility a Silhouette is included, which is an ear hook with a built-in teleloop. This allows
the user to benefit from the flexibility of a cordless phone with the "T" function on their hearing
Operating system
DECT system (GAP compatible)
LR03 batteries, AAA,
E922 x LR03 is neededTransformer
EU: 890-88-023-00
UK: 890-88-025-00
Silhouette for one ear 200-04-001-00
Silhouette for two ears 200-04-002-00
More informations
In principle, your phone (base unit and handset) work with any makers of digital cordless phones in the DECT system (GAP compatible). However, it is only advised to register handsets to base units from the same manufacture to achieve complete functionality.
Supplier for the Czech Republic
Supplier for Austria
Supplier for Slovenia
AUDIO BM d.o.o.
Letališka cesta 5, BTC 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Common price CZ (Kč): not available
Common price AUT (EUR): not available
Common price SL (EUR): 125,-

Acoustic soundpressure level: 107 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Magnetic field strength: 17 dB @ 1 kHz rel. 100mA/m
Batteries:2 x 1.2V 600mAh AAA, LR03, E92 NiMH Recharging time: 15 hours (red light on base unit for charging status)
Ringer: 5 selectable volume levels (including OFF) 9 selectable melodies
Multiple handsets: up to 5 handsets*
Outdoor range:up to 300 meters
Caller ID:auto detect for both FSK & DTMF 30 caller ID records (10 characters, 25 digits)
Phone book: 50 phone book records
Dimensions: Handset (HxBxD) 135,5x48x36,5mm
Base (HxBxD) 105x143x78mm
Weight:Handset100g excl. batteries (125g inclbatties)Base/Adaptor 140g/160g
LCD display: 3 lines (10 characters, 12 digits, icons)
Standby-/talktime: 100 hrs/11hrs