Catalogue code: 2.40
Amplified phone
GEEMARC Geemarc Telecom SA
5B Swallow Court
Welwyn Garden City
AL7 1SB Hertfordshire
Brief description
The Amplified PhotoPhone 100 injects a communication solution for the hard of hearing as well as the ability to capture photos and relive the memories again and again.
Hearing aid wearers and non-hearing aid wearers alike will benefit from this simple to use amplified phone that offers both picture memories and large number dialling keys.
Operating system
Fully compatible with BT phone lines.
More informations
Supplier for the Czech Republic
Unie neslyšících Brno, sociální podnik, s.r.o.
Palackého třída 114, tel:54124321, mob:725605216, email:polacek@pomuckyproneslysici.cz
Supplier for Austria
Supplier for Slovenia
AUDIO BM d.o.o.
Letališka cesta 5, BTC 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Common price CZ (Kč): 1 990,- Kč
Common price AUT (EUR): 76,- EUR
Common price SL (EUR): 70,- EUR

Wall mountable
Size : 20 x 16 x 7 cm