AVISO BEE Signaling system- VIB receiver

Catalogue code: 2.03
AVISO BEE Vibration- receiver
ghe-ces electronic ag
Hömelstrasse 17
CH - 8636 Wald ZH - Switzerland
Brief description
Vibration radio receiver. It receives any signal from any transmittor as doorbells, smoke alarms, mobile phone, land line, baby cry
Operating system
Hardware H2 / Software revision V3.xx
USB Adaptor 5VDC/1A
More informations
Popular for flexible connect to any modern signal application (Digital video doorbell systém) or adaptation.
Supplier for the Czech Republic
Unie neslyšících Brno, sociální podnik, s.r.o.
Palackého třída 114, tel:54124321, mob:725605216, email:polacek@pomuckyproneslysici.cz
Supplier for Austria
Supplier for Slovenia
Common price CZ (Kč): 3 990,- Kč
Common price AUT (EUR): 153,- EUR
Common price SL (EUR): not available

LiPo batery 3,7V
Frequency range 80 MHz – 1 GHz,