Signolux Visual Alert system

Catalogue code: 2.18
Im Wörth 25
D-79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany
Brief description
The Signolux Visual Alert system is portable for use throughout the home or can be wall mounted.
The receiver has 8 different indicators meaning that you can be alerted to different events within the home by adding different transmitters to the system.
The receiver will alert you using very loud selectable chimes (>90dB), a bright flashing light and also visual indication symbols (door bell, babysitter, smoke alarm etc.)
Operating system
The wireless alerting unit operates up to 200 metres away from the Bell Push on the 868Mhz frequency.
»signolux« receiver – Doorbell- (Set 1) or call-pushbutton (Set 2)– Battery (CR2032) for the doorbell pushbutton– 2 screw for the doorbell pushbutton – Wall mount– 2 screws for the »signolux« receiver – 2 wall dowels– Adhesive strips– Operating manual– Warranty car
More informations
A »signolux« light signal system consists of at least one transmitter (e.g. doorbell pushbutton) ad a »signolux« receiver. Up to 8 transmitters can be integrated. If e.g. the doorbell pushbutton is pressed, a radio signal (radio impulses with 868 MHz) are transmitted to the »signolux« receiver. This one signals the received signals acous-tically and visually with sounds and light signals.
Supplier for the Czech Republic
Supplier for Austria
Supplier for Slovenia
AUDIO BM d.o.o.
Letališka cesta 5, BTC, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Common price SL (EUR): 50,-

»signolux« receiver: Work range 0 to 40°C - Radio frequency 868 MHz - Range (open spaces) 200 m - Sound volume 90 dB at 1 mHF - capacity-Battery LR14 Battery service life (5 activations per day) 12 months Power adapter6 V/ 800 mA connection - Dimensions (HxWxD) 144 x 114 x 41 mm - Weight296 g; doorbell- / callbutton - Work range-10 to 40°C Radio frequency 868 MHz - Range (open spaces) 200 m - Sound volume-HF capacity<10 m WBattery CR2032 - Battery service life (5 activations per day) 18 months