Alta2 / Alta2 Pro Family

Catalogue code: 1.33
Power types: UP
Fit for hearing loss: severe to profound
Types of cases: BTE, ITE, RIC, RITE, IIC
Process: DIGITAL
Oticon Inc.; 580 Howard Avenue; Somerset, NJ 08873; USA
Brief description:
The Oticon Alta2 Pro is a premium hearing aid manufactured by Oticon. It incorporates Oticon’s Inium Sense processing chip which has 30% more processing power than their previous Inium platform.
The Alta2 Pro is available in the full hearing aid style range including the first wireless ‘invisible-in-canal’ (IIC) and the sleek design receiver-in-the-ear (designRITE) model.

FM Compatible
Volume Control
More informations:
Supplier for the Czech Republic:
Sluchadla Jančík
Na Pankráci 30a
140 00, Praha 4
Česká Republika
Supplier for Austria:
Neuroth AG
Schwarzau im Schwarzautal 51
8421 Wolfsberg im Schwarzautal
Tel.: (+43) (0)3116/200
Fax: +(43) (0)3116/200 500
Supplier for Slovenia:
Common price CZ (Kč): 27 200,-
Common price AUT (EUR): from 2 250,-
Common price SL (EUR): not available

Model: digital output
Hearing Aid Ear Fitting: custom ear mould
For hearing loss severe to profound
Channels: 16
Gain handles: 9
Number of Programmes: 4
TriState noise management / binaural triState noise management / spatial noise management
Speech guard E / speech rescue
Binaural synchronisation / coordination / phone operation
Back Dir
Transient Management
Inium feedback shield
IP68 dust and water resistant certified
Hearing Aid Coating: IP58 dust and water resistant certified
Battery types 13, 312, 10