prado S

Catalogue code: 1.12
Power types: SP
Fit for hearing loss: moderate
Types of cases: BTE
Process: DIGITAL
audifon GmbH & Co. KG • Werner-von-Siemens-Str.2
D - 99625 Kölleda
Brief description:
The prado range of hearing aids is irresistible with its rich cover design and high-quality processing - made in Germany. They are available in HdO, IdO and RITE designs. The prado line-up is based on the latest Audifon Storm Digital Signal Processor (DSP) platform and achieves the higher computing power of the processor to process highly-developed audio algorithms while reducing power consumption.
More informations:
Option: Easy Thin Tube Systém
Supplier for the Czech Republic:
audifon s.r.o.
Rumunská 697/14
120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Supplier for Austria:
audifon GmbH & Co. KG, Werner-von-Siemens-Str.2
D - 99625 Kölleda - Germany
Supplier for Slovenia:
Common price CZ (Kč): 6 900,-
Common price AUT (EUR): 1.090 - 1.490 € (with insurance) without insurance + 359 - 759 €
Common price SL (EUR): not available

Model: Digital output
Fitting Range: 118 - 126 dB
Adaptive Feedback Cancellation (AFC2)
Notch Filter (manual)
Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)
Expansion (Squelch)
Rocker switch (programmable)
Number of Programs: 4
Program Switch Tones (programmable)
WDRC-Channels: 8
Channels: 16
Low Battery Indicator (programmable)
Battery compartment lock
Direct Audio Input